Conflict Resilience Project

Billings Mediation Center was created to perform three distinct services in the Billings and surrounding areas:

1) Provide connection to Mediation Services to serve all income levels in all types of conflict, by way of in-person and remote mediation.

2) Provide training for people interested in expanding their skills in communication, human resources, and mediation careers.

3) Provide a volunteer mediation program to serve Yellowstone County Justice Court, and other surrounding courts as desired.

The volunteer program has become CONFLICT RESILIENCE PROJECT and is funded in great part by a grant from the Montana Justice Foundation. It assigns highly trained volunteer mediators to help parties settle civil and small claims cases in Justice Court, enabling the parties to avoid trial. This allows parties to obtain a faster resolution, while making room on the Court's docket.


Conflict Resilience Project at present provides approximately four mediations per month to Justice Court. If you received an Order to Mediate along with your Order for Trial, here is what is expected and what to consider in preparation:

1. All parties named in the lawsuit must attend and be sufficiently prepared so that settlement options may be explored. Consider your goals for resolution.

2. All participants must mediate in good faith. This includes:

a. A willingness to listen

b. sharing all pertinent information

c. keeping an open mind with the option of coming to a mutual agreement in solving the issue.

d. A willingness to negotiate without holding a fixed position

e. Being courteous

3. No party will be forced into a settlement by the mediator.

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